Call for Entry until 10,Oct ! ! The 9th GREEN IMAGE FILM FESTIVAL

Entry Information – Summary –

Theme and Eligibility
Any theme related to global environmental issues is acceptable.
The entry film should be made after 2017.
Entrants from any country in any region are welcome. There is no limit on duration of time of film.
GREEN IMAGE Grand Prize (one award)……100,000 yen
GREEN IMAGE Award……Memorabilia
How to Submit Your Film
Fill out the entry form on our website.If you do not have the online screener link of your film, please write the title of your film on the screener DVDs (5 pieces), the package and send the 5 DVDs to the GREEN IMAGE Film Committee.
It is extended to October 10, Sun. 2021
  • [The 1st Preliminary] November 2021 (Planned)
  • [The 2nd Preliminary] December 2021 (Planned)
  • [The 9th GREEN IMAGE FILM FESTIVAL] March 2022 (Planned) *Open to the Public
Please send your entry to
GREEN IMAGE Film Committee
B1 West Photo Bldg., 2-14-8 Yutenji, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0052 Japan
Tel : +81-3-6451-2411
* Please read Rules and Regulations for Submission of the 9th GREEN IMAGE FILM FESTIVAL before you apply.
Rules and Regulations for Submission of the 9th GREEN IMAGE FILM FESTIVAL
Enhance understanding on the global environmental issues through excellent visual image, and provide more people with opportunities to take action to achieve harmonious coexistence with nature and sustainable development.
GREEN IMAGE Film Committee
March 2022 (Planned)
Festival Concept
Official entries, chosen by public invitation, from all over the world will be screened.
Films that meet the following conditions are eligible for entry:
  1. Competition entries can be submitted from any countries and regions with covering our concepts irrespective of professionals or amateurs. The year of film making completion should be after 2017. All forms of visual presentation such as documentary, drama and animation, is accepted. There is no limit for duration of films.
  2. No limits are placed on the location and nationality of filmmakers. Entries that have previously been submitted to and/or awarded by GREEN IMAGE FILM FESTIVAL are not accepted. Multiple entries are accepted: however, a separate entry form must be submitted for each entry.
  3. When using copyrighted works such as music and moving image in a film, entrants must complete required licensing procedures before submitting the film. If an award winner is later found not to obtain the copyright owner’s permission, its award may be canceled. The host assumes no responsibility for any problems.
Application Procedures
Entry Fee
Entry Films
Entrants should fill out the entry form on our website. If you do not have the online screener link of your film, please send 5 DVDs to the GREEN IMAGE Film Committee.
Shipping Costs
All shipping costs must be borne by the entrant.
Entry Deadline
Entry materials must arrive at the GREEN IMAGE Film Committee on or before Monday September 30, 2021
Right to Retain Entries
Entry DVDs and other submitted materials will not be returned to the entrants but will be retained by the host. Host guarantees that these will be used only for reviewing and promotional purposes.
The host will not be responsible for any damage to or the loss of any entry materials prior to its arrival at the GREEN IMAGE FILM Committee.
Method of Selection
The 1st Preliminary
The 1st Preliminary Judging Committee will select films that will go through the 2nd Preliminary.
Notification of the Results of the 1st Preliminary
Results of the 1st Preliminary will be notified to nominees on or before 30 November 2021.
The 2nd Preliminary
From those selected by the 1st Preliminary, GREEN IMAGE Award-winning films will be chosen at the 2nd Preliminary Judging Committee.
Notification to Green Image Award-Winning Filmmakers
Results of GREEN IMAGE Award will be notified to nominees on or before 31 December 2021.
Screening of GREEN IMAGE Award -Winning Films
All the GREEN IMAGE Award -Winning Films will be screened at the festival in March 2022. The Review Committee will choose GREEN IMAGE Grand Prize from the GREEN IMAGE Award -Winning Films.
Terms and Conditions for Award-Winning Films
Requirements for Films
Films/tapes that have been selected for the awards must be the master tape or a new print or a digital data copy taken from the original. Entrants must give their consent to the following:
a. Subtitles or voice-over may be added to films where deemed necessary or appropriate by the host.
b. The host may edit films in order to make footages in shorter than three minutes for promotional purposes. The host may use a part of submitted film and still picture. The host will hold press premier screening and may lend a preliminary screening DVD to the press.
c. All films/tapes and related materials must be insured by the entrant against any damage or loss that may occur during shipment or in the course of the festival.
d. Entrants should send data of still pictures (more than 2) of the film and data of English script with complete dialogue and narration of the film.
e. Entrants must not require the screening fee for screening in the 9th GREEN IMAGE FILM FESTIVAL.
The cost of printing a film or duplication of a tape, and shipping must be borne by the entrant. The host will cover custom clearance fees.
The screening fee will not be paid to entrants.
Return of Screened Entries
After screening, all films/tapes will be returned by 30 June 2022. Return shipping costs will be borne by the host.
Judging Committee and Review Committee will consist of jurors appointed by the host.
Outstanding films will receive the following prizes:
GREEN IMAGE Grand Prize (one award)……100,000 yen
GREEN IMAGE Award……Memorabilia
Upon conclusion of this festival and with the agreement of entrants, the GREEN IMAGE FILM FESTIVAL may screen all submitted films as part of the "GREEN IMAGE Archive" program at various locations in Japan and other countries for environmental education.
The Japanese language version of this document takes precedence over all other versions. Entrants in this festival shall agree to abide by the conditions outlined in this document. The host may revise the conditions contained in this document when deemed necessary.