The total numbers of films applied for the 8th GREEN IMAGE FILM FESTIVAL were 177 films from 43 countries and regions. And 23 films are selected for the 2nd preliminary. At the 2nd preliminary, 12 films were selected for the GREEN IMAGE Award. The12 GREEN IMAGE Award-winning films were shown at the 8th GREEN IMAGE FILM FESTIVAL from March 26 to 28. The GREEN IMAGE Grand Prize was chosen from the GREEN IMAGE Awards by the Review Committee on March 28.


<GREEN IMAGE Grand Prize>

”Mothers of the Land”

“Mothers of the Land” accompanies five women from the Andean highlands in their daily struggle to maintain a traditional and organic way of working the land. In the Andean Cosmovision, women and earth are strongly interrelated. Both, a women’s body and the earth’s soil are capable of giving and nurturing life. In the context of an ever-growing industrialization of agriculture, the use of chemical pesticides and genetically modified seeds, but it is women, who, connected to earth through bounds of sisterhood, take on the role of protectors.

Peru / 74 min / 2019 /  Producer & Director : Alvaro SARMIENTO, Diego SARMIENTO / Production & Distribution : HDPeru


<Jurors’ Special Prize>



Magnitogorsk is an industrial town, in the heart of Russia that lives in the shadow of its gigantic combine’s rusting smokestacks. Lena, a young mother, daughter of steel workers, teaches salsa, one of the many activities organized by the Kombinat. Sasha found a way to escape from the daily pressure in the steel plant. His Brother, Guenia, and his wife have decided to leave the town and its permanent pollution, the cause of their daughter’s mental handicap.

Switzerland / 76 min / 2020 / Russian with English & Japanese Subtitles /  Producer :Xavier DERIGO / Director : Gabriel TEJEDOR /  Production : IDIP Films /  Distribution : Filmotor



“Bearman of Hokkaido”

Shiretoko area in Hokkaido has been registered as a World Natural Heritage Site for 15 years. In the innermost depths of Shiretoko, there is a densely populated area of brown bears called Rusha and the film recorded the life of something no one in the world had never been seen before for over 36 year period that is coexistence of brown bears with human being. The main character of the film is the one and only old fisherman in the world who scolds and drives away wild brown bears. Through his lifestyle, the film illustrate Japanese unique view of nature that “human beings are only a part of the nature”. I think this is an indispensable idea for building up a sustainable society.

Japan / 49 min / 2020 / Japanese / Producer : MATSUMIYA Kenichi , YOSHIDA Miwa / Director : YAUCHI Tomohiro / 製作 Production : Japan Broadcasting Corp. Sapporo Station



<GREEN IMAGE Award> in order of the Japanese syllabary



France / 9 min / 2020 / No Dialogue /  Producer :Carlos De CARVALHO / Director : Hugo CABY, Antoine DUPRIEZ, Aubin KUBIAK, Lucas LERMYTTE, Zoé DEVISE / Production : Pôle 3D /  Distribution : Je Regarde


“Isn’t Water”

Iran / 3 min / 2019 / No Dialogue / Producer :Art Department of North Khorasan / Director : Noah AMANI / Production : Art Department of North Khorasan / Distribution :


“Samosely: The Will – Chapter 6”

Japan / 112 min / 2020年 / Japanese with English Subtitles / Producer & Director : TOYODA Naomi, NODA Masaya / Production : Yuigon Project  


“Village In The Sky”

India / 20 min / 2018 / Marathi, with English & Japanese Subtitles / Producer :Film and Television Institute of India / Director : Ramesh Laxmanrao HOLBOLE / Production : Film and Television Institute of India


“Cries of the Crane”

Japan / 47 min / 2020 / Japanese with English Subtitles / Producer : SAKAMOTO Hideki / Director : NUMATA Hiromitsu / Production : Hokkaido Television Broadcasting


“Pakistan’s Himalayan Meltdown”

 Singapore / 50 min / 2020 / Producer & Director :Shehzad Hameed AHMAD / Production : Mediacorp Pte Ltd

“The Human”

The Netherlands / 11 min / 2019 / English with Japanese Subtitles /  Producer & Director : Harko WUBS / Production & Distribution : Hark’oh Film


“MINAMATA Mandala”

Japan / 369 min / 2020 / Producer :HARA Kazuo, KOBAYASHI Sachiko, NAGAOKA Noa, SHIMANO Chihiro / Director : HARA Kazuo / Production & Distribution : Shisso Production



Canada / 12 min / 2020 / No Dialogue / Producer & Director & Production & Distribution : Isaac KING




UKAI Satoshi

Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University

OKADA Hidenori

Curator of Film, National Film Archive of Japan


Geothermal specialist, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation